The imported government is the US government.


The 11 allied parties of the PDM government were forced to save the people from inflation.
The LNG that this government has purchased from Qatar for power generation will increase the price of electricity by Rs. 6 per unit.
It may be recalled that till 2018, the non-aligned government in its tenure had bought LNG from Qatar at a price of more than ڈالر 13 while the PTI government at a 30% cheaper price ie 10 10.
Both the buying countries are Pakistan
Qatar, the country that sells LNG
Then ? Or there may be a lack of seriousness in negotiation or commission.
Not frivolous
The imported government has less time and has three things to do.

1 have to close their cases

2 will return as much as you can in a few months.

3 will be expelled by making Pakistan the weakest.
And America will say that!
Operation accomplished
On the other hand, the imported government abolished the C-Pack authority as soon as it arrived.
We want the independence, sovereignty and economic security of our beloved homeland
The C-Pack Authority was set up because
1- All projects will be transparent

2- It was intended to complete these projects as soon as possible.
The United States has been opposed to the C-Pack from day one, but seeing the projects being completed so quickly, the goal of overthrowing the PTI government and the government of certain individuals was to prevent the United States from rejecting any of Bahadur’s orders.
Imported government sent home as soon as possible
It will be better in the interest of Pakistan

As soon as all the thieves got their names out of ECL overnight, as soon as they feel threatened, they will run away overnight and they will get NRO again. Billions of rupees have been spent overnight for the construction of dams.

It is good that the nation is now watching with their own eyes. Explosion is the first part of the American game has just begun. Let’s see what happens next.

The imported government is the American government. Our state institutions overthrew the people’s government and imposed the pro-Western government on 22 crore people who are leading the country towards civil war with the storm of inflation.