Spectacular aerial demonstration of state-of-the-art J-10-C fighter jet for the first time in Pakistan Day Parade.

For the first time in the Pakistan Day parade in Islamabad, the thunderous roar of state-of-the-art fighter jet J-10-C resounded and saluted the President in a unique manner led by Air Chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed.

The parade echoed the roar of fighter jets and the slogan “Takbir”.

Chief of Air Staff Zaheer Ahmad Babar Sadhu saluted the President with F-16 aircraft accompanied by J10C aircraft.

Flypasts including Pakistan Navy ships, JF-Seven Ten Thunder, JF-Sixteen Mirage aircraft, Zarrar aircraft, F-Seven PGF-Seven P Karakoram Eagle 3 aircraft also participated.

The airspace guards performed aerobatics, and the world-class lion-hearted planes spread the colors of the rainbow in the sky.

The lion heart showed dangerous stunts in front of the national flag with green color while hitting the hearts of the enemies with beautiful formation and colors.

During the parade, the commandos capturing the skies performed a spectacular para-trooping show and the audience could not help but applaud.