By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mama to be inactive.

ISLAMABAD PM Imran Khan has blazoned that he’ll not abdicate in any case saying that he’ll fight the opposition on the last ball and will give a surprise one day before the voting.
Talking to journalists at the Prime Minister’s House Imran Khan said that the word neutral was misinterpreted in the environment of ordering good and precluding wrong.

He said that the army is being incorrectly blamed. The country needs a strongarmy.However the country would be divided into three corridor, If it weren’t for the army.

PM said that the politics of PML-N and PPP is to cover up theft and theft. Someone may have misknew that I’ll sit at home. I’ll not abdicate under any circumstances.?

PM said that we will win the no- confidence match. I’ll not abdicate at the decree of the loose gang. The people are with me. 60 to 65 of the honorable people are with me.

PM said that after March 27 my support will go above 90. My Trump card is that I haven’t done any card show yet. I’ll not compromise on corruption. I’ve two introductory principles. I can not give RO, I can not betray my God and my country.

Asked about shaking hands with the Leader of the Opposition, Imran Khan said that he couldn’t shake hands with a person steeped in corruption. His politics has come to an end after his no- confidence stir.

Censuring the JUI-F chief formerly again, the Prime Minister said that Fazlur Rehman is the twelfth player in politics and it’s time for Fazlur Rehman to be out of the platoon.
Asked about Chaudhry Nisar Imran Khan said that he’d met Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and had a 40- time-old relationship with him.