Shosha of General Election.

Now, by talking about the general election, an attempt is being made to divert attention from the conspiracy made in the by-election. For this, first two days were taken to cool down the feelings of the people. Be on this side, youths, you have to take the decision of the by-elections first and then move forward.

You have worked hard day and night, don’t let it go in vain, stick to your goal like a mujahid and win the current election in any case, there is wisdom in that. This negligence will give them an opportunity.

The child is also understanding that the mandate of the people has been openly insulted, now only the people can fight against it.

They should not sit silently, but the main requirement is to stand up in front of this cruelty and brutality and open injustice and respond to them like a leaden wall. The country will be flattened, the country will fall into a deep ditch and generations will be destroyed.

We will never be able to develop and we will remain confused in electricity, gas and petrol, our leaders will dictate from outside and we will continue to dance on their cues like puppets.

Freedom does not come easily and you have to go through the tests, then you will get rid of these night and day ugly spectacles. The fruits of hard work will surely be seen. Above all is watching. We have to keep trying. They should not be allowed to sit comfortably with the mandate taken away by force. Allah is with the truth.

Falsehood has to be eradicated, but for this we have to fight hard because the enemy is very fierce. Now only the people can suppress their evil ambitions. We are lucky that we got a perfect guide which is not found again and again.

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