Pakistan’s system is upside down.

When you go to a government office, never take your five to ten year old children with you.

If it is compulsory to take it, then bow your head there and do not beg too much.

This has bad effects on the child.
Believe that he is considering your every word and your body language, hands, fingers and eyes.

Here the system of Pakistan is upside down.
The officers should also, when the questioner comes with his problem and there is a son or especially a daughter with him, whether he wants to do the work of the questioner or not, but must smile and give him a little respect, be gentle in his tone and give him a chair.

If he comes alone, he should take revenge later.
Every father is the hero of his children, you try to kill his hero for your little pharaohism or soul satisfaction.
Think about what you will do if someone says something to your film or sports literature or religion hero in front of you.

A father is a child’s complete all-in-one hero. Do not humiliate or humiliate their parents in front of this weak child. Speak politely and respectfully in the presence of children.

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