Learn how to keep meat safe.

raw meat on white ceramic plate

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to cook the meat quickly, first of all, try to cook the meat on low heat, in this way the enjoyment of cooked meat is different.

Otherwise, some important and simple tips are here, for example, peel the melons and grind them. When the meat is to be cooked quickly, put two to three pinches in the meat on the lid of the pot in which the meat is being cooked. Put lime in the pan and put a heavy object on top of the lid to smother the meat.

Peel the raw papaya and grind it and use it. Put a little bit of papaya on the meat and keep it for at least 2 hours. Then cook the meat. Put it in the curry, if the meat is not rotting quickly, then add figs to it, the meat will rot quickly.

Methods of preserving meat

To keep the meat fresh for several days out of the refrigerator, make meat pies and cook them in the sun. Put it in cold water first and then take it out.

Today we must tell you some methods that can save the meat of the sacrifice from spoiling.

For example, dip a muslin cloth in vinegar and water and put it over the meat, then the meat will not spoil for a long time. Add salt and a cup of water to the meat and boil it. It can stay for days without refrigerator. Cut the meat and apply salt and vinegar. Make a deep cut with a knife or fork, then put a little oil on it. If you preserve them, you must put salt on them. This dried meat is very tasty.

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