If the husband and wife manage their own routines, the house may fall apart.

I am thirty-six years old, my love was married, we were classmates and knew each other for six years, we were best friends during our studies, we decided that after my husband settled down in his job, with the consent of the family. We will get married. After my husband’s job, our family met and we got married. Allah blessed us with a son.

I knew from my college days that my husband is short tempered and quick to anger, but after living together I realized that whenever he gets angry, we always have an argument, I always fail to control him. Whenever there was a lot of quarrels, I would take my child and go to Mecca. She used to come home but we both knew that we both love each other and I never want to leave my husband but during every argument I would always tell him that if you want to leave me then leave me I know that All I used to say was to keep my ego high.

Once our quarrel escalated so much that he first raised his hands on me and kicked me out of the house. I went straight to my house. My family took me straight to the police station. My husband was arrested. My husband apologized to me and said that this will not happen in the future. I withdrew the case and went back to my home.

After three months we had a fight again and I took the baby as usual and went to my house. Two days later I got the news that my husband was in the hospital. My family advised me not to go to see him but my sisters. said that this is all a drama to blackmail you emotionally, she stayed in the hospital for a week, neither visited nor called.
A few days later I got a summons for divorce. I didn’t want a divorce. I loved my husband. I didn’t want to ruin my home. But my ego was getting in the way. I don’t want to live in this hell even if I want to get a divorce.

Our case was settled easily in the court. My husband accepted all my demands for child custody and expenses. He said that he is ready to accept all my words. He just wants a divorce. Thus, I got divorced in July 2009.
After some time, my husband got married again and they had children too, but he often comes to meet my child and takes care of his every need.

I live in Mackay with my child. All my siblings are happy in their own lives. My sisters who used to call and talk to my husband are now blaming me. I could have saved if I had not blamed others in everything. Sometimes our own good will sinks us. I am still not saying that my husband or I were not at fault, but our quarrels were not so big that it led to divorce. It is my request to all couples to handle their own affairs as far as possible
Otherwise, you yourself will be responsible.

You have no better wish than yourself.