A few weeks’ worth of raw materials in the country is threatening a crisis.

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In this regard, the Federal Ministry of Health has written a letter to the Finance Ministry saying that if LCs are not opened for the raw materials of medicines, there will be a medicine crisis.

There is a danger of serious crisis of medical devices in the country and along with the economic crisis, the crisis of life-saving drugs can also engulf the country.

The Federal Ministry of Health officials wrote in a letter on the recommendation of the Drug Regulatory Authority that pharmaceutical companies now have only a few weeks of raw materials left.

On the other hand, Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association has claimed that Indian pharmaceutical companies have defaulted Pakistan, Indian and Chinese companies are no longer lending raw materials to Pakistanis.

PPMA said that if the issue of opening of LCs is not resolved, there will be a serious crisis of medicines and medical devices in the country. There are clear instructions from the State Bank not to close LCs for petroleum and pharmaceuticals and there have been more imports in the month of November than in October.

Banks say they have verbal instructions from the State Bank to stop import LCs.

Another point of view of the bankers is that there is a shortage of dollars and more has gone to the black market. we spoke Two days ago we the State Bank. will not be stopped.

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