Lahore Former PM Imran Khan said in his address that people should be ready, I will call for Islamabad.

You wait for my call. When I call you are ready. I do not want confrontation with anyone in the country. We do not want to harm the country. If were not for the army this country would have been divided into three parts.

Immediate elections will be held. I demand immediate elections. Those who have made a mistake should announce immediate elections.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has categorically declared that he will not accept this government under any circumstances. Never He will accept the government of slaves and corrupt people.

Imran Khan said that I have never seen such a public. I have to give a plan of action. We will not accept slavery or imported government. Now we know what a selected government is. People are selected from abroad. This government was imposed.

He said that when I became the PM my biggest effort was to make our independent foreign policy. An independent foreign policy means that whatever decisions we make are for the benefit of our people. I should not sacrifice my people for the interests of any other country. There were those who used to threaten Pakistan. These people used to talk on a phone call. Am never taken dictation from anyone and I will never take dictation from anyone.

Imran Khan said that the order came from outside why you went to Russia? Pakistan is running out of gas. Russia was giving us oil at 30% lower price. This means we could sell petrol and Fazlur Rehman at 30% lower price. We had to import 2 million tons of wheat from Russia. Russia also gave us wheat at 20% lower price. But he was able to reduce inflation through imports from Russia.

Ex PM said that if Russia did not like relations with China then the conspiracy started from outside would not succeed unless Mir Jafar Mir Sadiq was present in the country.
Together they toppled a government.

The best performance was by the Pakistan (PTI) government. In our time, exports were on record. The economy was improving.
Imran Khan said that there was another problem of imperialism sitting outside. Musharraf knelt down on a phone call. Musharraf took us to another war.

I was against this decision from day one. Why was I saying that against this war? Am i Which country sacrifices itself for another country? Give 80,000 sacrifices in someone else’s war. More than 100 billion was lost in someone else’s war. Commission no ever been set up to investigate. Will you give base to America? I ask if I expect any answer other than Absolutely Not.

The imperialists sitting outside wanted cherry blossoms so I had a problem. My life and death are in Pakistan. I have no property outside.