The dollar soared after the imposition of the imported government.

M. Mohsin

As soon as the new cabinet was sworn in after the vote of no confidence, the dollar soared to a high of Rs 186.75.
Those who were basing the dollar and the stock exchange
Let these patterns be known again according to their calculations
This is the measure of confidence in the market government
Can be applied from

We say welcome to old Pakistan where courts work 24 hours a day, 24 members of the new cabinet are on bail, most of them have mega serious cases of corruption and money laundering.

The Prime Minister and practically the Chief Minister of Punjab was to be indicted on April 11 which was being averted by delaying tactics. Then on the night of April 9, the whole nation saw unforgettable scenes. K leader and former PM Imran Khan was brought before the court at midnight and the self-respecting leader of 220 million people was sacked through mistrust. It has been imposed on the people by sitting down as if the proud nation of Pakistan is clearly refusing to accept.

Immediately after the removal of Imran Khan’s government, the whole nation is protesting inside and outside the country.

Following the overthrow of Imran Khan’s government, the United States has announced 204 million in aid to Pakistan
Najam Shetty had asked the army chief to fire Imran Khan and let the beggars come.
Eat to your heart’s content.

The day the courts start working eight hours instead of 24 hours both father and son will run the government from jail.

Dr. Faisal Sultan has been replaced by Abdul Qadir Patel, who is facing serious allegations regarding Lyari gang war.

For the first time in the history of the country, Agha Siraj Durrani, a prisoner of PPP became the Governor of Sindh from a prisoner.
Congratulations to all, including the Judicial Establishment.