Dil Dil Pakistan national song was declared the third best national song in the world in 2003.

34 years ago today in 1989, when the pop music band Vital Sign performed this song in a public park, instead of a silent studio, the song was unique to the viewers and listeners. But as soon as this national song was aired, it got on everyone’s tongue and Vital Sign also became famous overnight.

It was written by the lyricist Nisar Malik and presented by Shoaib Mansoor in such a charming way that every national song was influenced by it in the coming period and its popularity reached across the border where Bollywood made it the heart of India. By the name of Ho Bahu Charba, but that fame could not become his destiny.

This is the aspect of this national song that today’s generation knows very well and this song is still on the throne of popularity even after many decades and due to its popularity it is considered as the second national anthem of Pakistan. At that time, the late Junaid Jamshed, who later left the field of singing, along with Salman Ahmed, Rohail Hayat, Shehzad Hasan were also included in Vital Sign, but Junaid Jamshed became the most famous.

But do you know when this national song was first sung by Junaid Jamshed?

Junaid Jamshed had said in a PTV program in 1999 that since his childhood he had a wish that if life gave him the opportunity, he would present two songs Dil Dil Pakistan and Kaas Is Saqat Ki to the world. So, did this song take root in Junaid Jamished’s mind from the time he heard it? But how is this possible?

According to Absar Ahmad, a researcher on national songs, Nisar Nasik’s song ‘Dil Dil Pakistan Jaan Jaan Pakistan’ was first presented in 1967 in a children’s program from Radio Pakistan Rawalpindi, then the children sang it in chorus. In this program, little Junaid Jamshed was present with his father, Squadron Leader Jamshed Anwar, who was the special guest of the program, and perhaps only then did this song sit in Junaid’s mind.

Absar Ahmed, the recording of this song presented by Rawalpindi station on the second anniversary of Defense Day in the year 1967 is available in the records of Radio Rawalpindi.

He said that a book of songs written by Nisar Nasik for children was published in the year 1983, this song is also present in it, which was written for Radio Pakistan and the lyrics of the first song were as follows.

Own the earth, own the sky
From where to go now
Every ray of light continues to grow
Let only this dedication remain in every heart
Dil Dil Pakistan
Jaan Jaan Pakistan

Although the lyrics have not changed much, but according to Absar Ahmed, the tune of the Milli song presented in the year 1987 is completely different, it was a traditional children’s chorus, while the song presented by Shoaib Mansoor was composed of pop music.