The Icon of the Seas, 5 times bigger than the Titanic and the world’s largest ship, is ready.

Despite the passage of more than a century in terms of luxurious and large ships, the world is still fascinated by the Titanic sunk in the sea, but now the world’s largest ship, five times larger than the Titanic, has been prepared, in which 8 There is a capacity of 1,000 passengers, 5,610 passengers, while the crew will be around 2,500.

Icon of the Seas will depart on its maiden voyage in January next year.

This world’s largest ship is 1200 feet long and 165 feet wide, with 1,000 luxurious rooms, 6 large swimming pools, sports fields, separate swimming pools and entertainment areas for children and adults. have gone

Icon of the Seas has 40 different types of hotels, food cafeterias, including a shopping mall to make the trip the most memorable trip of a lifetime.

The Icon of the Seas, developed by a Finnish company, is being tested in the open seas and has so far been tested for hundreds of miles. Its engine, brakes, noise reduction system, vibration and steering are all being tested. The entire team is paying special attention to make it safe.

After going through all the stages of testing, it will be handed over to the company in October and it is being told that general passengers will be able to board it in January 2024.

People are eager to become passengers on the first historic journey of this plane and thousands of people have booked advance tickets for this journey months ago.

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