Apply jaggery with food and get rid of these 4 problems.

Jaggery is not only to be eaten but also to be planted and we will inform you today about the benefits of planting it.

For hair health
How jaggery can be used for hair health may seem surprising, but the fact is that after grinding jaggery, mix it with curd, multani mud and water to make a paste and apply it on the hair. take

Leave it on for ten minutes and then wash it off with plain water and shampoo.

Repeat this process every fortnight and within a few days the hair will become shiny and healthy.

For soft and delicate skin
Beautiful skin needs to be soft and delicate and free from all kinds of blemishes – using jaggery in this particular way can provide a lot of benefits.

Take two spoons of honey and add few drops of lemon to it and add one spoon of crushed jaggery and mix it well and make a paste and then apply this paste gently on your face. .

When it dries thoroughly, wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process once in a week and see the difference yourself.
Removal of abscesses
Generally, most of the people are worried about the appearance of boils due to the presence of abnormal substances in the blood and it also affects the beauty and confidence of their personality.

If such people eat a small amount of molasses after every meal, due to the effectiveness of molasses, these substances will be removed from the blood and the process of forming abscesses will end.

For the treatment of acne in the body
Often, during the rainy season, such rashes appear in the body that do not have a mouth and are very painful.
A special mixture has been used for centuries to get rid of such pimples. Take a little jaggery and half a teaspoon of mouthwash and cook them in a pot until a paste forms. .

Apply this paste on a warm bandage and place it on the spot of the pimple and leave it bandaged for 24 hours. If you open the bandage after 24 hours, not only the mouth of this pimple will have formed but also the contents will have been discharged from it. Will be.