Every other person is a doctor, teacher, engineer. 100% educated village of Pakistan.

In Pakistan, where the undervaluation of education is common and we are among the least educated nations in the world, there is also an area in Pakistan where the education rate is 100% and everyone here is highly educated.

The people of this village also do farming, there are development works of the village or other problems, these people solve them together, till date no FIR has been registered against any person in this village.

Rasulpur village of Rajanpur was established in 1933 where the population is around 10 thousand, children, old people and women are educated, no one is illiterate in the village.
A graduate or MA person is sitting in the smallest shop, most of the people here are doctors, Ph.D., pilots, engineers and teachers in other higher institutions.

The people of village Rasulpur also do farming along with education, there are also beautiful mango orchards in the village, people have made this village a model under your help, special care is taken to clean the village.
Be it village development work or any problems, these people work together to complete the project. There is no paan or cigarette shop in the village.

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