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An man often bought pomegranates from an old woman.


Dec 19, 2021 ,

After weighing and measuring and paying the price, he would crack the pomegranate and put a grain in his mouth and complain that it was sour and by saying that he would hand over the pomegranate to this old woman.

The old lady tasted a grain and said that it was very sweet, but by then the buyer would have left with his bag, and the man’s wife would have been with him every time.

His wife asked what was the drama of the day when his pomegranates were always sweet
The man smiled and replied that old mother only sells sweet pomegranate but due to poverty she is deprived of eating it herself. ۔

In front of this old lady, a vegetable seller used to watch this spectacle every day, so one day she asked, this man finds fault in your pomegranate every day and you are the one who always weighs one more pomegranate.

There was a smile on the old woman’s lips when she heard this and she pretended I knew he was doing this to feed me a pomegranate and he was thinking that I am a stranger to him and I never put on too much weight. There is love that weighs the scales and I weigh more than a pomegranate.

Joys of the love and respect are hidden in these little sweet grains.


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