Amar Bill Maroof.


With the participation of Jim Ghafir in the PTI meeting in Islamabad on March 27, 2022, the popularity of Prime Minister Imran Khan was at its peak.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and Shah Mehmood Qureshi, while expressing the sentiments of the people, said that the people are the looters of national treasury.
Imran Khan wants accountability of former rulers. Surely this is what he wants. How can this be possible?

At present there are four pillars of the state
1- Government
2- Judiciary
3- Establishment and
4- Media

1- From 1988 to 2018, political leaders at the government level were involved in the misappropriation of national exchequer, bringing financial benefits to the big business families with them. Even the Chiefs of the Armed Forces of Pakistan were treated badly and continued to get government seats with the help of external forces instead of the people.

The biggest rally in the history of Pakistan has shown that Imran Khan has the power of the people.

  1. Most media house owners are not talking about corruption cases for personal gain.

3- Judiciary is also not able to decide quickly due to corruption cases.
The no-confidence motion against the government continues with a campaign to buy government members through foreign funding.
After the Turkish company waived the car fine
Successful negotiations with IPPs
Reducing the revolving credit
PIA back to the hotel in America
Fataf Fulfilling 32 out of 34 conditions of FATF
Forgiving 11 billion in fines in Rekodek case and turning it into an excellent investment.

Calling America Absolutely Not
United Nations passed a resolution against Islamophobia
Oolding OIC meeting in Pakistan
Construction starting of 9 new dams in Pakistan.

Making Quranic education compulsory in educational institutions
After issuing health card in Punjab KPK Eradicating Islamophobia globally
The enactment of the law in the United Nations regarding the sanctity of Sayyid al-Anbiya Khatam al-Naba’een Rehmat-ul-Alamin (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), now Imran Khan
It is possible to bring a no-confidence motion against it.

You may or may not agree but all these are the medals on Imran Khan’s chest which makes him stand with the ruler of time.
While all these deeds are a slap in the face of the thieves of the past due to which we have been humiliated and disgraced all over the world.

In such a situation, Imran Khan’s passion to fight to the last is a manifestation of love, courage and masculinity for the country and the nation.