A unit of electricity.

gray GE volt meter at 414

If you sleep the same way then your worst will continue to be exploited. This is the voice of your right.

As much as the units should be, it is a peaceful social media protest and you know the power of social media.

All lawyer legal expert doctors engineers Civil Servants Bank Staff Police Civil Society Political and Social Akbaris raise their voice on this important issue.

And to legally eliminate this atrocity, file cases in the relevant administrative authorities and the High Court Supreme Court, do your own powers and strengths on the important public issue.

A formula for fooling this nation that no one has ever thought to have been hung by the people has been hanging from the beginning and no one takes notice.
Sui Northern Gas and Power Companies introduced a new way of robbing the public.

Slab (1) Rs 272
Slab (2) Rs. 1257
Slab (3) Rs. 4570
Slab (4) Rs. 9125
Slab (5) Rs 18227 Slab (6) Rs.

The difference between the second to the third is 3300 rupees
The third slab and the fourth difference are Rs. 9000
What is a slab?

Slab is deceitful and cruelty

If you put gasoline in the car, ever happened
One liter of Rs. 100 per liter
If two liters of Rs 1100 per liter
Three liters of Rs 3300 per liter
Only one day reading late can be the bill 272 to 1257.

For God, if you guys can’t do electricity like India, don’t even oppress us just do just so much kindness to us. As much as the units should be so billed.

Do not take away the right to live with the people of Pakistan for God, but do not put a robber.
Electronic bill
300 unit of KE and Wapda 3300 with tax
And 4400 with a 301 unit tax
Does a unit of Rs. 1100 from doing more just
Did you ever take 5 liters of coking oil then 1000 and 6 liters of 20000
⚖– Officials
Chief Justice
Army Chief Minister
And the Minister of Power Water also think about his poor people.
Do not reduce inflation but do not abuse.

Non -political voice of the people against oppression and highlight this very special issue
May all friends share in the social media group.