Work started on creating alternative sources of plastic around the world.

a large amount of plastic bottles in a cage

In Pakistan’s Punjab province, work is also being done on making alternative plastic aprons

PFA Director General Raja Jahangir Anwar
While talking, it was said that various companies have been given permission to produce alternative plastics by the Food Authority.

Raja Jahangir said that plastic used in food items, which is called food grade plastic, is being recycled to reduce plastic pollution.

He said that 1.2 million plastic water bottles are being used worldwide every minute, 1.9 billion metric tons of plastic have been created since 1950, all of which are still in existence.

Raja Jahangir said that plastic is non-biodegradable and is something that lasts forever, so discarded plastic is polluting the land and oceans and getting into our food and making us sick.

He further said that the laboratory test of recycled plastic in Punjab will also be done to see if industrial plastic is being used to make food grade plastic.