Why electricity bills are different.

low angle photography of transmitter tower

A man was selling bananas in front of WAPDA office
A senior officer of WAPDA asked how do you give bananas?

Who are you buying bananas for?

What does officer mean?

the banana
It means that
If you are taking it for an orphanage, 40 rupees per dozen
50 rupees per dozen if taking for old home
60 rupees a dozen for children’s tiffin
70 rupees per dozen if you are taking it home
If to buy for a picnic, 80 rupees per dozen

Officer, what nonsense is this?
Hey brother, when all bananas are the same, why different rates?
the banana
The style of collecting money is the same as yours
Separate rate of 1 to 100 units
100 to 200 apart
200 to 300 apart
300 to 400 apart

Do you give electricity from a single pole?
Then a separate rate for the house
Separate rate for shop
Factory separate rate

And one more thing

You get the cost of the meter from us and then charge the meter rent separately
Income goes to WAPDA and you collect income tax and sales tax separately from us
What are the surcharges and extra surcharges you charge us?

Is the meter imported from USA? I have been paying the rent even after buying the meter for 25 years
How much is the cost of the meter please tell me at once
bitter truth.

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