Fall of the Ottoman Caliphate.

The Ottoman Caliphate had fallen. In a market in the southern region of Turkey, the French General Fatah was getting drunk when he saw the veiled Turkish women. Two women under our command forbade the general to take off their hijab.

The general did not like this refusal, he stretched his hand towards a woman’s hijab and scratched the hijab.

A milk seller nearby in the market was watching this scene, his name was “Imam Sutjo”, the pride of this milk seller got excited, he jumped like a leopard and snatched the French general’s pistol and threw it on the ground.

People gathered near the milkman’s shop, and a great movement was born. Freed.

That milk seller became the hero of the entire Turkish nation, his statues were installed on the highways as a tribute to his bravery.

The milk seller began to be taught in Turkish curricula. Today, a regular university is established in Turkey under the name of Jamia Imam Sutjo, while many welfare institutions, organizations, madrasahs and NGOs are established under the name of Imam Sutjo.

History remembers the brave, not the liars and cowards.

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