History of Petra Batra.

Petra is the historic city of Jordan which is said to have been settled by the Nabataeans. According to the Greek geographer Strebo (63BC-21AD), Petra was the most important trading center of the northern world at the time of its rise. At one time, Petra was so powerful that it ruled as far as present-day … Read more

Farooq Abdullah from Robert Crane.

Some time ago, I read an American lawyer who had become a Muslim after reading the legal legacy of Islam. I was curious to know about the life of this man. Who was the American lawyer Robert Crane and how did he convert to Islam? After his doctorate in public law and international law, Robert … Read more

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided not to increase the prices of petroleum products further.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has rejected proposals for further hike in prices of petroleum products. Earlier, it was proposed to increase the price of petrol by Rs 11.53 paise from November 1, while high speed diesel by Rs 8.49 and kerosene by Rs 6.29. Imran Khan said that instead of shifting the burden of inflation … Read more