The United States must sooner or later recognize the Taliban government PM Imran khan.

The United States must sooner or later recognized taliban government PM Ik

Prime Minister Imran Khan said in an interview with Turkish media TRT World that his government is consulting with all neighboring countries on when to recognize the Taliban’s interim government.

In an interview with Turkish media, Prime Minister Imran Khan said. We believe in peace talks. Talks are the only way forward. Talks are underway with neighboring countries to recognize the Taliban government.There is no solution. Thanks to Afghanistan’s benevolence, we want a stable and inclusive government.

The Prime Minister said that the biggest question is when will the US recognize the Taliban government?
Sooner or later, the United States will have to recognize the Taliban government he said. The army surrendered.

The prime minister said the United States was shocked by the Taliban’s rule 20 years later and was now looking for a scapegoat, while criticizing US President Joe Biden. What Joe Biden Could Do Every time an evacuation date was given, as you can see, it was a surprise to everyone, including Joe Biden.

In the long run, the Taliban may be able to stand on their own two feet but if they are not given immediate assistance, there is a danger that the interim government that will be formed there will fall leading to chaos and A humanitarian crisis will arise.

The Afghan government relied on up to 75 percent of its budget for foreign aid.

Imran Khan said that the history of Pakistan and Afghanistan is closely related. There are Pashtun tribes living on both sides of the Afghan border. General Kayani had made it clear to President Obama that there was no military solution to the Afghan problem.

The Prime Minister said that we have suffered heavy casualties and financial losses in the war on terror. Collective losses have increased hatred against the United States in Afghanistan. Pakistan has had to bear the brunt of the damage caused by US drone strikes.

He said that some groups of banned TTP want to negotiate for peace. Talks could be held to disarm the banned TTP. Some groups of banned TTP are in touch with banned TTP in the last 40 days. However, we are ready to deal with it.


FBR’s advanced track and trace system.

FBR Advance Track and Trace System.

FBR’s track and trace system is a great system. What is this system?

This system is connected to NADRA’s system. When issuing cards to people across the country, they get all the information about their personal education, employment or business and all this important information becomes part of the record.

Under this system, all the modern states of the world get the personal information of each of their citizens.

Now the details of business and bank have been legally obtained by the FBR through which the tax evaders can be easily traced. The FBR will write a letter inviting them to pay their dues which will increase the tax collection.

Above all, the FBR will end the system of harassing or harassing business people, which is a very good position for business people and the FBR.

The low-income people running small businesses, the common man and the poor are paying taxes every day on the purchase of everyday items.

But now the question is whether this modern system of FBR will be able to collect taxes from thieves, rulers, ministers sitting in assemblies, ministers, advisers, bureaucrats, crores of trillions, businessmen, industrialists, investors and landlords. This system will also squeeze the blood of poor people.


Munich’s most famous actor Omar Sharif has passed away.

Comedian king Umer sharif passed away

Omar Sharif the uncrowned king of the stage, has passed away. It is said that he went into a coma but his condition became more critical today. Omar Sharif’s wife has confirmed his death.

He had been undergoing treatment at a Karachi hospital for several weeks.

Born on April 19, 1955 in Liaquatabad, Karachi. He started his artistic career at the age of 16. Omar Sharif was 61 years old. His stage comedian was Omar Sharif. He performed in many films and dramas.

Actors of TV and stage industry have termed the demise of Omar Sharif as a great loss for the industry. Leading actor Shakeel Siddiqui said that he had a hand in all of us in acting. Sohail Ahmed, a well-known actor, said I don’t know what to say. Its a great loss for our country. This news has shaken me. Omar Sharif was the only actor who received international acclaim. He was a great man at heart and could rarely do any harm to anyone.

He was admitted to a German hospital due to fever and fatigue yesterday where doctors are conducting a medical check-up. Necessary tests of well-known comedian were also being conducted in the hospital.

Omar Sharif was flown to the United States by air ambulance from Karachi yesterday for treatment.

Not was only feeling Omar Sharif tired but also had a mild fever due to the long flight. He was has so far traveled seven and a half hours.