Islamabad Inaugurates Successful Pakistan Program.

Inaugurate Successful Pakistan Program.

Addressing the inaugural function of the Successful Pakistan Program in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan said I pay tribute to all the people. Should we have started this program 74 years ago. Congratulations to the Finance Minister on the Successful Pakistan Program.

I think 74 years ago we made a big mistake. We thought that when our country is prosperous, we have money, then Pakistan should be made a welfare state. Where there is an island of the rich and a sea of the poor, that country cannot succeed he said. The model of the state of Madinah, which has adopted wrong economic policies in the past, is a beacon for us. The first welfare state was established in Madinah and then prosperity.

He said that in a civilized society, there is nothing more important than feeling and humanity. China raised the lower class. The Chinese President said that they have eradicated extreme poverty. The Prime Minister said that for the first time a uniform education system was introduced in the country. How many voices are being raised today against a uniform education system? No one has ever tried for a uniform education system. The country’s system was like this. It is a sign of the downfall of any state.

The Prime Minister said that Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital provides free treatment to poor patients at a cost of Rs. 9 billion every year.

Speeching the function, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said that in the past nothing was done for the income of the middle class. The poor were only dreaming of development. Continuity is inevitable Present the government is taking steps for sustainable development. First time for in the journey of development, the lower class has been given priority.

Successful Pakistan Program will play a key role in alleviating poverty in the country. Under this program, loans of Rs.The 1400 billion will be provided to 3.7 million households.

Successful Farmers will be provided interest free loans to farmers. Under the Successful Business Program, up to Rs. 500.000 interest free loans will be provided for businesses. The successfully launched Scholarship Scheme and Health Justice Card will be linked to the Successful Pakistan Program.