The bitcoin rose 2.35 percent to 50,398.

The Bitcoin rose 2.35 percent to 50,398

The price of digital currency bitcoin has exceeded 50 50,000. Bitcoin has gone above the level of 50,000 for the first time in 4 weeks. Bitcoin has increased by 2.35% and reached 50,39.

The last time Bitcoin hit the 50,000 mark was in early September
Bitcoin spent most of the third quarter in the lower range of $ 30,000 when investors were worried about regulatory policies in China and the United States.

The bitcoin peaked at more than $ 64,000 in April and sold out in June and July. But then a bitcoin fell below $ 30,000. went.

Major reason was the renewal of regulatory scrutiny by Chinese authorities, which forced bitcoin mining operations to close or relocate.

Bitcoin price of has been rising steadily since mid-July


Today is the 69th birthday of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Today is PM Imran khan 69th birthday.

PM of Pakistan Imran Khan is celebrating his 69th birthday today. Celebrities and fans of the Prime Minister continue to send congratulatory messages on social media.

He was born on October 5, 1952 in Lahore. His father’s name is Ikramullah Khan Niazi and his mother’s name is Shaukat Khanum and he is the only brother of four sisters.
He established also the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in memory of his mother.

After completing his primary education in Pakistan, Imran Khan moved to the United Kingdom. Along with his education, he also made a name for himself in cricket and joined the Pakistan national cricket team at the age of 18. He captained Pakistan from 1982 to 1992. He also performed his duties.
PM Ik rose to fame as a cricketer, won Pakistan’s first and only Cricket World Cup in 1992.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has also congratulated Prime Minister Imran Khan on his birthday on Twitter.

After playing a successful innings in cricket, Imran Khan entered the world of politics. Imran Khan founded the PTI on April 25, 1996 and was elected a member of the National Assembly from Mianwali in 2002.

The PTI won a majority in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the 2013 elections, while the PTI won a historic victory in the 2018 elections (led by Imran Khan).
August 17 on Imran Khan was elected the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan for the next five years.

He has been married three times and has two sons. One married Jaime Goldsmith, a British citizen in 1995, with whom he had two sons, Suleiman and Qasim.

They got divorced in 2004. The captain got One married for the second time in 2015 to Pakistani journalist Reham Khan and a few months later they separated in the same year. His third marriage was in 2018 to Bushra Bibi.