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Democratic system


Hitler once brought a rooster with him to the House and began to pluck its wings in front of everyone. The rooster kept bubbling with pain, but Hitler plucked all the feathers one by one and threw them on the ground The rooster began to follow Hitler. Hitler threw the grain. The rooster ate the grain. The rooster followed Hitler. Finally, the rooster came to Hitler’s feet.

He said that people in democratic countries are like a rooster. Their leaders first rob the people of everything and paralyze them and then become their Messiah by giving them a little food. Former PML-N democratic leader Nawaz Zardari in his democratic era plundered the country and paralyzed the people, the consequences of which the people will continue to suffer for decades. Will


ISLAMABAD Amazon adds Pakistan to cell list.

Amazon Connect Pakistan

Business Advisor Abdul Razzaq Dawood has announced that Amazon, a world-renowned online retail company, will add Pakistan to its list of sellers in a few days.

According to details, trade adviser Abdul Razzaq Dawood said that talks with Amazon had been going on since last year and now it is being formally completed. Will Amazon add Pakistan to its list of sellers in a few days. It is a great opportunity for our young SMEs and women entrepreneurs. he said.

The Business Advisor said that an important milestone in the e-commerce policy is being achieved. The inclusion of Amazon in the list is the result of teamwork.

On the occasion, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs Shahbaz Gul also shared the news on Twitter and expressed happiness, saying that what has not been done The history of Pakistan for the last ten years has finally been done by the present government. He thanked the Prime Minister and said that it would create billions of investment and employment opportunities.

Joining the list will boost e-commerce in Pakistan and provide quality products to consumers. Amazon, one of the world’s leading online retailers, is believed to be one of the most valuable companies in the world. Jeff Bezos.