Why are strokes more common in the bathroom?

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The attack of stroke in the bathroom is usually more because when we enter the bathroom, we first soak our head and hair which should not happen, this is a wrong way.

Thus, if you pour water into the head first, the blood rushes to the head and the arteries can burst together as a result, causing paralysis and then falling to the ground.

Several studies around the world, cases of death or paralysis are increasing day by day during bathing. According to doctors, you should follow certain rules while bathing.

If you don’t bathe according to the right rules, you may also die. Do not soak the head and hair first while bathing because the circulation of blood in the human body is at a certain temperature.

It takes some time for the body temperature to adjust to the outside temperature. According to doctors, water on the head first increases the speed of blood circulation, at which time the risk of stroke may also increase. Pour water on the head and then take a bath by pouring water on the head.

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