Which plants should be planted in homes?

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Flower plants are not only useful for human health but they also make the environment beautiful. Today we will tell you which plants can be planted at home.

According to Pakipolitics news greenery gives freshness and joy to every beholder, flowers and plants are the great blessings of Allah, which are considered necessary for the survival of human life, and they also make the environment beautiful.

Flower plant nurseries have been established on various highways of Karachi for several decades, which are a source of employment for people with the love of nature of the citizens. From here, citizens can buy their favorite flowers and plants at cheap prices, not only to decorate the interior and exterior parts of their homes. Rather, most of the shady and fruit-bearing trees seen in the streets are bought from these nurseries.

Abdul Samad, the owner of a nursery in Shahr Quaid, who has been associated with this profession for 20 years, says that by planting which plants in the house, the environment of the house can be kept pleasant and beautiful for twelve months of the year.

Abdul Samad says that every fruit and flower plant has its season which gives fruit and flower in its season but there are some plants which are loaded with flowers for twelve months of the year including evergreen, champa, black jatropa, pepsican and Contains Croton.

The native evergreen produces bicolor flowers of bright pink and white, and is named evergreen because of its blooms in all seasons. It does not last for twelve months, but flowers only in summer.

Evergreen is always on everyone knows white and pink flowers this local evergreen imported evergreen eighteen colors only in summer, after rains they spoil.
Champa takes the form of a small tree with a maximum height of 5 feet and this tree is laden with beautiful yellowish white flowers throughout the year which makes the surroundings pleasant as well as fragrant. remains.

Among the plants that are green throughout the year, the specialty of black jatropa is that it can be molded into the shape you want, while the quality of Pepsican is that it can be planted in both pots and water.

Croton is an ornamental plant with colorful leaves that has 18 to 20 species. Among its well-known varieties are Mummy Croton and Daddy Croton. Daddy Croton has slightly wider leaves than the others. Earlier it was imported from Thailand and Bangkok but now it is well produced in Karachi.

All these types of plants are available for under Rs 100. Watering once a day, spraying insecticides periodically to protect the plants from spoilage and fertilizing after two to three months keep these plants alive. And stay green.

However, there is an alarming news that there are reports of nurseries moving out of the city due to water scarcity, sand, fertilizer prices and rampant construction. which is only three percent will reduce it further, which can lead to problems related to health and environment with lack of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide.