There will never be a fight with our army.

Addressing a rally in Multan, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that traitors are those who steal the country’s money and put it in offshore accounts. ۔

He said that when these people are not in power, they call the establishment a scapegoat. The enemies who want to break up the country will want the PTI to be weak when the arrival of Shahbaz Sharif was celebrated in India and Israel.

Imran Khan said that the departure of our government was regretted in Muslim countries. Our life and death is in Pakistan. Am will fight them till the end.

Our party is in all the provinces and can hold the country together but now their parties have shrunk to small parties.

Imran Khan said that he was asking the Supreme Court to write a letter to the President asking the Chief Justice to investigate the letter so that it could be ascertained who was involved in the conspiracy.

He said that what was the job of our party members in the US embassy? Who did Donald Lou send the message to remove Imran Khan when he was the Prime Minister and the Foreign Ministry was under him.

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