We thank the Supreme Court for the decision of the deviant members.

Addressing a public meeting in Kohat, the Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said that the Supreme Court had saved the morality of Pakistan from falling.

He said that a plan is made by man, one is made by Allah. The youth have started increasing the prices of petrol and diesel. Imported people are scared. They used to say that Shahbaz Sharif gets up at 7 in the morning and does a great job. Now where is Shahbaz Sharif? Inflation is rising. Cherry Blossom

Shahbaz Sharif has the art of polishing shoes. Shahbaz Sharif polishes military and American boots very well. Asif Zardari is enjoying the most at the moment. All abuses are falling on Shahbaz Sharif. Asif Zardari is really heavy.

Ex PM said that the US had ordered that they could no longer buy petrol from Russia, which we had agreed to buy at 30% cheaper. The oil and wheat agreement with Russia was almost finalized. Wheat was to be obtained from Russia at a 30% lower price, which would save the people from inflation. Slaves ordered where to terminate the treaty with Russia. They terminated all treaties with Russia as soon as they arrived. Give two dollars for this, otherwise Imran Khan will come again. Pakistani-Americans will not give such dollars, they will enslave them more. They will say that foreign policy will follow our orders.

Chairman PTI said that there are two types of slavery. One is occupation by the British as it was occupied here. The tribal area fought against the British till the end and the other slavery is not conquered. He told the people of Kohat that you know that in the American war, 3.5 million tribesmen were displaced and their houses were razed to the ground. Those who used to pay Zakat became Zakat recipients. The ruler bowed down. General Musharraf knelt before him. 80,000 Pakistanis sacrificed. The greatest loss was to the tribal areas so I have come to you to come out with me against slavery.