Why the western world is afraid of Imran Khan’s long term policies.

Pakistan has been made the 19th permanent member of the world’s olive-growing countries. ۔

In addition to the traditionally cultivated plants, they are currently producing 1500 tons of olive oil and 830 tons of olive oil with food.

The amount of oil in Pakistan’s olives is getting better than the other 18 countries. The quality of olives is also better than the rest. So far 26 oil extraction plants have been set up.

The total number of trees and the expected fruit yield from them indicates that in a few years Pakistani olives will be the leader of the world.

This was the long term policy that Imran Khan worked on and the effects were to be late and the effects of late are permanent.

Our requirement is 3.5 million tons. Last year, 4,000 tons of oil came out. This year, the target is 20,000 tons.

Our edible oil bill is 20 billion dollars. If it starts to be produced from Pakistan then we don’t have to give out so many dollars in reserves. This will increase the value of our rupee and it can reduce inflation in the country.

By increasing production, not only can it be eliminated, but insha’Allah they will soon become exporters.

Some palm oil is also being produced in the coastal areas of Sindh but now with the advent of imported government a severe water crisis has arisen in the country especially Sindh is becoming barren due to which the production of palm oil is likely to suffer. Is

Tea is grown in Swat and pulses in Balochistan. Someone tell him that America gives us bread. Thank you Imran Khan.