Now leave the air conditioner and get this paint that will keep your house cool.

man standing in front of window

USA scientists have succeeded in developing a paint that will eliminate the need for AC.

According to foreign media reports, the scientists of the Stanford University of America have made a new feat by creating a paint that, if applied on the walls of room cool in summer and warm in winter.

This paint will prove to be an alternative to the air conditioner and will also cause significant reduction in electricity bills.

An study has been published in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, according to which this paint will prove to be an alternative to air conditioning and main heating sources of toxic gas emissions worldwide.

Worldwide, 13 percent of energy is used for air conditioning and heating, while these two emit 11 percent of toxic gases.

The paint will be available in several colors while the use of new paint will help keep the house cool and reduce energy consumption by 21%.

Scientists have prepared such an artificial hot environment for testing the paint, which is faced by the buildings in the United States, it has to be used on the exterior walls and roof to keep the building cool.

The researchers said that the above-mentioned paint will reflect 80% of infrared light, this paint will reflect back the infrared rays of the sun, so that the wall will not absorb heat.

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