Amazing lamp that eliminates pollution.

assorted pendant lamp lot

Lamps have been an important part of human life in ancient times, but despite the increasing use of energy savers instead of tube lights, lamps are still seen in most homes today. It also eliminates pollution in the room in addition to light.

Home kitchen, carpets, paints and other household chemicals keep on releasing fumes, but experts have made a shade for electric lamps which is helpful in keeping the indoor atmosphere and air clean.

The pollution in the air also causes allergies, nose and throat diseases, inflammation and headaches, while if this pollution persists for a long time, it also damages the nerves, kidneys and liver.

South Korea’s Yonsei University has developed a coating of it that can be applied to lampshades. Lampshade coatings made of titanium dioxide and platinum can dissipate harmful chemical vapors indoors.

Although it is low in platinum, once VOC chemicals come into contact with it, it is rapidly degraded or converted to harmless components. The heat of the bulb plays an important role in this process.

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