Treat allergies now with home remedies.

person holding white dandelion flower

Allergy is a disease due to which many people have to face great problems.

If a person is allergic to dust, smoke or very strong smell, in such a situation he immediately becomes ill and may experience headache, cough, nausea or other problems.

Allergies and diseases are caused by not taking care of cleanliness. Allergies can be prevented by home remedies before they spread from one person to another.

Below you are being told about the things that are usually present in the kitchen or fridge and they can be used in case of allergy.


This is something that is usually available in every home, it contains antihistamines which gives immunity to the body, it also reduces coughing and sneezing along with allergies.


It has antiseptic properties. Applying a combination of neem oil and coconut oil on itching is effective. Capsules and powders are available in the market. It is also helpful in preventing skin allergies.


Turmeric is also used on injuries as it reduces inflammation while its antibacterial properties help in boosting immunity in the body.


If someone has allergies, they can chew basil leaves, which is beneficial as well as reduces stress. It also boosts immunity.


It is a green vegetable that is commonly available in homes and is beneficial for coughs and any respiratory tract problems as it has a cooling effect. Applying peppermint oil is also good. This water can also be boiled and used.

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