Why reserve day was kept only for Pakistan-India match, the truth came out.

The Asia Cup is coming to an end with its first major match between Pakistan and India on September 2, which was rained out. Other matches were also affected by rain to some extent. All the matches of the Super Four stage were scheduled in Colombo despite the forecast of heavy rains.

Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh were to play Asia Cup Super Four stage matches against each other in Colombo, but the Asian Cricket Council reserved only September 10 as a reserve day for the Pakistan-India clash, thus making this match fruitful. went.

ACC in event, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh objected to this double standard, but nothing like a parrot’s voice was heard in the choir.

However, the foreign media has uncovered the big secret of facilitating the reserve day for the Pakistan-India match and has told that the reason for making a special decision for this big match is the broadcaster.

According to sources, the broadcaster acquired the Asia Cup rights for USD 40 million, of which USD 38 million was for the India-Pakistan matches only, and this decision was taken to save the broadcaster from incurring huge losses. Earlier, the broadcaster had lost crores of dollars due to the sight of rain in the first match of the Asia Cup between India and Pakistan.

Sources also say that there were concerns about holding matches in Colombo in view of the rain, but the proposal to make Hambantota an alternative venue was never considered by the Asian Cricket Council due to logistical requirements and other issues including broadcasting in Colombo. Organizing competitions was the best choice.

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