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The Punjab govt Raised the relief amount by Rs 4000 to Rs 12000


Apr 5, 2020

According to details, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar approved the increase in relief money for poor and deserving families.

The Punjab Government increased the amount of financial assistance of deserving families at the special direction of Chief Minister Punjab and increased the relief amount by Rs 8,000 per person.

Now, the amount of aid will be increased from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 12,000 per capita to 25 lakh poor and deserving families. The eligible persons will be paid Rs. 12,000 after verification of data.

The poor and deserving people will be able to submit applications by 7 April.

In this connection, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said that the federal and Punjab government are alike to help the people. The Prime Minister is committed to help those affected by the lockdown.

The Chief Minister said that in this time of trial, financial aid is available to deserving families and the government will pass the money to the needy under a transparent procedure.


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