Only way to get the country out of crisis is transparent elections.

Imran Khan said in his address that 3 months ago our government was abolished by conspiracy our government was removed and corrupt people were imposed and the nation was insulted. were

Ik said that when a country was running well, why was the conspiracy allowed? When I dissolved the assembly, then if elections were held, then this crisis would not have been faced. Unable to get up, we gave a call for protest on May 25, then children and women were oppressed, women and children were shelled with tear gas in the long march.

Imran Khan said that we have provided health insurance to our people up to 1 million rupees. Me plan is that we will mobilize overseas Pakistanis. We have no idea how big an asset overseas Pakistanis are. Will not give money.

Just as people turned out in the by-election, so many people did not turn out in the 2018 election. They tried to defeat the by-election together with the Election Commission. Our Nation will decide who will run our country. Unless the society stands with the good, the evil rises.

He said that when we talked about EVMs, the Election Commission strongly opposed them. Iran and India also have EVMs. The Election Commission conspired to sabotage the EVM process. Should.

Address in his he said that when I raised my voice against Altaf Hussain for the first time, all the people told me that he will kill you. Death and life are in the hands of Allah, so stop your fear. Pakistan before 90s. It was ahead of India and Bangladesh since these 2 families came our country fell behind India and Bangladesh.