Ten important benefits of eating food with your hands.

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The Lord of the Universe sent His Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as a teacher and the Lord of the Universe, ﷺ himself, during his stay in the world, ate food with his right hand and ordered to eat food with his right hand and there is no doubt that Eating food with the right hand is preferable and brings blessings.

In our country, food is usually eaten with hands, but there is also a custom of spoon and fork. In this article, we will learn what modern science and theories say about eating with hands. Know the benefits of eating with your hands.

.1 Digest

Eating with hands strengthens our digestive system. When we touch food with our hands, the brain sends a signal to the stomach that what it is going to get and this signal energizes the stomach for digestion.

We have both friendly and hostile bacteria on our body, on our face, on our arms, in our digestive system, on our hands, and everywhere else, and when we eat with our hands, these friendly bacteria keep the hostile bacteria from entering our intestines. stop.

.2 Food cravings arise.

Those who eat food with their hands develop a craving for food, and this craving makes food beneficial for the body, and carelessly eaten food can cause indigestion and many other diseases.

  1. Eating with hands is also exercise.

Eating with hands and fingers is itself an exercise that helps to balance the blood flow in the body during the movement of the arms and shoulders along with the movement of the fingers.

.4 can melt fat.

A study published in Appetite, a popular food journal, reported that when people eat snacks with their hands while watching TV or reading a newspaper, their hunger is quickly quenched and they avoid overeating. .

According to the results of another theory, the stomach of the person who eats food with his hands gets full faster than the person who eats with a knife and fork, and this thing helps in melting the excess body fat.

.5 can prevent diabetes.

According to a study published in another popular journal, Clinical Nutrition, patients with type 2 diabetes who eat with a fork and spoon eat faster than those who eat with their hands. Blood sugar levels rise quickly which leads to type 2 diabetes.

.6 Food begins to be digested in the mouth

When we eat food with our hands, on touching the food, our brain activates the salivary glands in the mouth and saliva is produced in our mouth before the bite and this saliva starts digesting the food in the mouth. does.

.7 Attention and nutritional capacity.

A person who eats with his hands is focused on the food. This will benefit from the full nutritional potential of the food.

.8 It is hygienic.

Washing food with hands is more hygienic than using forks and spoons and it helps to protect our body from harmful germs.

.9 This is the natural way.

The more life is kept close to nature, the more healthy and energetic it is, and the more comfortable it is, the more harmful it is to the body, and eating with hands is a natural and healthy way.

.10 The mouth and tongue do not burn.

A person who eats hot food with his hands does not burn his tongue because when he touches the food, he knows how hot the food is with his fingers and does not make it hot when it is too hot.

Note: Eating with hands is the best practice, but it is also very important to wash hands thoroughly before and after eating.

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