The official trailer for the Pakistani animated film ‘Allah and the 100 Flowers of God’ released.

The 3D animated film will be released on the occasion of Eid -ul -Adha. Earlier in 2018, Pakistan’s animated film ‘Allahyar and the Legend of Markhur was released on the global scale as the first Pakistani animated film to win several awards. I was introduced.

According to the IMDB rankings, The Legend of Markhur was the first Pakistani film that lasted on the top for three years, after which it was also broadcast on Netflix as the first Pakistani film.

Five years after the release of the Legend of Markhur, another sequel to the film is being presented in cinemas, which has been fully manufactured in Pakistan.

Story of this science fiction film is about a boy named Allah Yar, who is struggling to protect his planet from environmental disaster.

The film’s trailer shows that Allah Yar is shown as the protector of the rescue, in which his job is to awaken a flower and save his father, for which he is a new to meet the task given. Goes into the world.

Various characters of the film were given a voice by renowned Pakistani actors, including Humayun Saeed Iqra Aziz Ali Zafar Mera Ji Bashari Ansari and Azfar Jafri.

Earlier, the film was to be released on June 2, but is now being released on the occasion of Eid al -Adha.

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