The number of ATMs installed in the country of Karachi has increased to about 17 thousand 700.

two blue and black Halifax Cash Machines

According to the statement issued by the central bank, the number of internet banking users increased to 9.3 million from July to March, while the number of mobile phone banking users increased to 15.3 million in nine months.

Similarly, the number of branchless banking app users reached 48.4 million and e-wallets users reached 1.6 million in the nine months of this financial year.

The number of direct account users also increased and the number of users increased from 25.8 million to 29.2 million during the same period, the value of transactions from direct accounts was 873 billion rupees.

The volume of point-of-sales transactions increased by seven percent and value by 10 percent, while the number of ATMs installed in the country increased to about 17,700.