Self-esteem in children.

two children sitting on ground with dried leaves

First thing

Educate the children with a good teacher but the training is the responsibility of the parents and only the parents can do it, it is their most important duty, consider it.

Second thing

Build character by training children, don’t carve them like wood.

Creating confidence in children will lead to character building, destroying confidence will not lead to character building, only character can be cut, which is harmful for the child’s training.

Think of it this way, if the husband tells his wife that she doesn’t know how to cook, every time you make bad food, then after that, the wife will not be able to make good food, she will cook every time for fear that she does not know if it is good. Otherwise, the fear of being disrespected will arise and self-confidence will disappear.

In the same way, when you say to a child that you are doing something wrong, or you spoil everything, you don’t understand, etc., etc., after that your child will do things according to your instructions, but An element of fear will be created in him and this thing will always remain in his heart, I don’t know whether I am doing the work or not, he will lose self-confidence in any work.

Remember, self-confidence is very important to lead a prosperous and excellent life and the choice of words plays a very important role in shaping the personality of children.

Last thing

Today, parents are leaving the education of their children and running after worldly interests and their stubborn ego. The most important work of a mother was the education of children, which was done by an ignorant mother, but today’s mother is educated and ignorant of her duty.

Today’s mother is unable to raise her children due to her employment and thus is doing a huge loss of her real capital with her own hands.
Correct the mistakes not by criticizing, but by treating them with love and character building.

Words live forever.