Iran Saudi alliance and Pakistan.


Iran, Saudi China are now united, very soon the oil traders are going to work on the petro-dollar, trading in the same currency will benefit these three countries enormously, but the back round was what Imran Khan wanted for the sake of Iran and Saudi Arabia. In his three and a half years of rule, Imran Khan played a key role in making the Iran-Saudi alliance a success and today this mission of Imran Khan has reached completion. .

Imran Khan wanted to build strong relations with China. If the five years of Imran’s government were completed, then the problems of Pakistan today would have been solved in 5 years. Alhamdulillah Khan’s height is so tall that as soon as he becomes the Prime Minister again, God willing, he will stand in the middle of the same picture and relations will start from there.

Where Imran Khan had left on April 9, the whole world knows that Khan has returned with a full public mandate and the whole of Pakistan will stand behind Khan, God willing.

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