• Wed. Mar 29th, 2023


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SBP big action against those who make the dollar expensive.


Nov 19, 2021 ,

State bank takes major action against all banks in the country over the continuous appreciation of the dollar in the country. Governer state bank has summoned the presidents of all the banks. Who are selling dollars at an unnecessary extra price.

According to staff of certain banks have been encouraging importers and consumers to buy advance dollars. The bank directed that a thorough check of the computers and phone records of the bank employees who are under suspicion should be thoroughly checked.

All this has been done according to a plan which
Government ministers, advisers, opposition mafia and SBP private institutions and bankers are all included. SBP governor Raza Baqir himself is a controversial figure.

Now someone may have given a red flag to the governor of SBP etc. but the poor will still not get any benefit because these big crocodiles will settle all the issues among themselves.

And by making the dollar more expensive, billions of rupees have been made separately. These crocodiles have increased the inflation by making the dollar more expensive, which is increasing the burden on the poor.


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