Karachi experts claim vaccine ready for corona virus treatment


According to details Pakistani scientists have achieved significant success in the fight against Corona, Dow University’s research team claims that anti-venous immunoglobulin (IVIG) is produced from antibodies obtained from Corona’s patients. Through which Corona victims will be treated.

The research team led by Professor Shaukat Ali, Principal of the Dow College of Biotechnology, has completed the preparation of immunoglobulin effective treatment for corona treatment for the first time in the world. A ray of hope.

Vice Chancellor Prof Mohammad Saeed Qureshi called the globulin transparent antibodies obtained from the body of healthy patients, demonstrators successfully carried out globulin testing and animal safety trials. ۔

Professor Saeed Qureshi said that the drug prepared for the treatment of corona virus could be used in coronally ill patients, that the drug has been successfully tested in animals and applied for permission to use the drug on humans. This will be followed by commercial preparation and treatment will take 2 to 3 weeks.

The team, under the supervision of the Dow University Vice-Chancellor Professor, developed Hyper Immuno-Globulin (IVIG) after hard work, the team initially managed to collect blood samples in March 2020.

Later it was able to chemically isolate the antibodies from its plasma, purify it, and subsequently concentrate these antibodies through ultra-filter techniques, in this way the remaining unwanted material from the antibodies, including some viruses and The final product, ie, the hyper-immunoglobulin, is formed by putting bacteria aside.

It is worth mentioning here that for the first time in the world, in Pakistan, this immunoglobulin has been prepared from the blood of a healthy patient from Corona, which is considered a ray of hope in the Corona crisis.

According to these experts, this method is a type of non-immunological immunity, but instead of using the whole plasma, only antibodies are transported to make it safe and effective. Infectious diseases spread around the world have been used effectively in SARS, MERS, and Abiola, while transparent antibodies to tetanus, influenza and rabies are also available for sale worldwide.

The research team isolated antibodies by transplanting small quantities of donated blood from Coventry’s nocturnal patients that neutralized corona, their laboratory testing, and its safety trial on animals. Was successfully stored in experimental vials on experimental basis.

Vice-Chancellor of the University Prof. Muhammad Saeed Qureshi, along with the research team of the Dow University Hospital, has assigned the task of devising a moral and legal strategy for this new method of treatment trial, among other members of the joint team. Syed Munibuddin Mir Rashid Ali Ayesha Ali Mujtaba Khan Fatima Anjum and Dr. Sahib Tawheed.

This success is an important step in the international effort to prevent the loss of life from Corona.

The US-approved FDA-approved treatment method is safe, highly effective against low risk and corona, immunoassaying immunoassays after separation of antibodies found in the blood of a healthy patient from Corona. Globulin is manufactured This method is very different from the treatment plasma therapy.

It should be noted that the treatment of hypo-immunoglobulin is approved by the US Federal Food and Drug Aid Administration for general conditions, while some side effects of plasma therapy are allowed only in emergencies.

Remember that six weeks ago, six major vaccine companies in the world announced a partnership to start the process, but Dow University has taken the lead in developing the intravenous immunoglobulin against the local corona virus type. ۔

Recent research has pointed to some genetic changes in the local corona virus type, in which case an IVIG made against the local virus would be very effective and useful.

Dow University also identified genetic sequences that contributed to the efforts against the new Corona virus and detected changes in the human gene, which may provide resistance to the Corona virus.

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