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To deal with Corona developing countries should be given debt relief


Apr 12, 2020

According to the details, Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing the international community said that the Karuna virus has spread all over the world.

The Prime Minister said that the developing countries are worried that there should be no problem of starvation due to the lockdown in the developing countries.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the developed countries are announcing big packages for their people, Pakistan is perfect for 22 million people but given a package of only $ 8 billion. To spend.

He said that the United States is giving a $ 2.2 trillion package to its people, while Japan is spending a trillion dollars. The Prime Minister said that there is also a lack of resources to save people from hunger.

The Prime Minister said that the World Bank, the Secretary General, should give relief to the developing countries on loans, which is the problem facing the developing countries. He said that in order to deal with Corona, developing countries should be given relief in loans.


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