Imran Khan will not remain silent if he is forced to remain silent for the sake of the country.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing a news conference in Islamabad said that he knows how the whole conspiracy took place and which characters are compelled in this conspiracy. If I go, I will not remain silent and I will be forced to tell the nation everything.

Imran Khan said that there are cases against all the leadership including me under the provisions of terrorism. The cases are being registered so that we remain silent. I have made a video in which who played what role in the conspiracy. She is safe. If something happens to me, she will come forward.

Imran Khan said that it could not be decided in two months whether Hamza Shahbaz could be the Chief Minister or not. Go there and find out how the police were used.

My message is to go out and vote in the by-elections of Punjab. We have to defeat them in spite of their rigging. The whole nation has to stand up against fascist tactics.

Imran Khan said that our entire history has been peaceful protests but the barbaric bullets were fired on May 25. I respectfully ask the judiciary whether human rights have been suspended in Pakistan.

This whole fascist way of intimidation and intimidation is to impose thieves but I want to tell the whole nation that Yazid comes in every era. All institutions are requested that this is a decisive time. The country will be ruined if the people get scared too.

This is real freedom war and everyone has to take part in it. This is not politics. Jihad is being waged for real freedom.

He said that Pakistan was at the forefront of the subcontinent in the 80’s. When these people came in the 90’s, Pakistan started going backwards. Because of these two families, Bangladesh also got ahead of us. Nawaz Sharif is preparing to return while Maryam is campaigning in Punjab. These people are destroying the ideology of the whole country, rule of law and institutions. Those who conspired should think. Not accepting the government.

They will not take oil from Russia so that America is not angry because if America is angry then their money will be in danger and their ideology is not Pakistan. Money is for money. If found, they will also recognize Israel. They will also give our bases to the United States and join their war.

Imran Khan said that this government has spread fear everywhere. Journalists are being threatened. They are being intimidated. Sabir Shakir has been doing journalism for 30 years. He has been harassed and forced to leave the country. Sami Ibrahim Sabir Shakir Moeed Pirzada and many other journalists are being harassed. Arif Hameed Bhatti and Jamil Farooqi are also being threatened. They went to Arsalan’s house of our social media team and did drama there. These people are lying behind Jamil Farooqi and Adnan Adil.

He said that he has known Ayaz Amir for 30 years. Everyone knows that Ayaz Amir cannot be controlled. He hears the voice of conscience. Ayaz Amir always criticized me a lot but I respect him for what happened to him. That is a shame for the whole nation and a message for the rest of the journalists.

PTI chief further said that journalists are being harassed and their mouths are being shut. Our media in the country is being blacked out. Tell us how to shut the mouths of social media. This is the age of social media. Now no news can be stopped.

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