We will win 20 of the 20 seats on July 17.

Addressing an election rally in Sahiwal in connection with the Punjab by-election, Imran Khan said that the unscrupulous Election Commission was trying to get him to join hands with them. We will win 20 out of 20 seats on July 17.

Imran Khan said that Sharif family has not done a single thing honestly till date. He has earned money by double digit all his life. Listen to Hamza. The job is to let you know they will also fail Imported government disapproval and their loot is also disapproval.

The people have to defeat the looters and all have to promise that they will defeat them no matter how much they cheat.

The former prime minister said that he told the people that they would do rigging but we did not allow them to do rigging. I need young people who will stop them from rigging. I need brave young people at every polling station who will not allow anyone to rig.

He said that the thieves who have been taking turns on us for 30 years under the American conspiracy have broken all the records of inflation and have drowned the economy. If we criticize, we will be prosecuted. I have 15 cases registered against me but I say that if you register 1500 cases against me then I will not leave you behind.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan was built on the basis of two national ideologies. Even today there are two national ideologies. One ideology is that Pakistan should be an independent and free country while the other ideologues are those who consider money as God. Sharif and Zardari worship money. The looters have also gone with the Sharifs and Zardaris but the nation has become aware and it has understood diesel along with the looters.

He said that Zardari, who has been the biggest disease of this nation for 30 years, is roaming freely. Despite being a criminal, Nawaz Sharif is sitting in London and is happy that his brother and nephew are in power today. The truth is never told to the people who should have been in jail today they are in power and the journalists who are raising their voice for the country are being sent to jail by making cases against them.

Cases are being made against those who tried to make Pakistan a welfare state. Haleem Adil Sheikh was imprisoned and a corrupt person like Murad Ali Shah was made the Chief Minister.

Imran Khan said that I salute the journalists who are standing on the path of truth today because whoever stands on the path of truth, Allah Almighty removes his fear. Ayaz Amir has fought the case of Pakistan with courage. The nation has seen Imran Riaz. What has happened to them? The only purpose of these robbers is to somehow spread fear in the nation so that they will recognize them.

Today the message is being given that if you stand against evil then you will be put in jails while Allah Almighty has clearly commanded to walk with truth and truth and fight against evil. I want to send a message to the nation that those who are with thieves today will also be held accountable. Neither nation nor history will ever forgive them.

There is not much time left. If we block the way of the people, we will lead the country to anarchy. Stopping peaceful protests will make the country like Sri Lanka, so don’t scare the people because the nation is ready to fight for its true freedom.

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