Gaza After two decades, Hamas’s major attack on Israel.

Huge advance after Hamas paragliding into Israel.

The tension between Palestine and Israel has reached its peak today, Hamas fighters from the Gaza Strip fired heavy rockets into Israeli territories, killing 20 Israelis and injuring 500. I landed who captured 35 Israeli soldiers.

According to foreign media reports, Hamas launched a ground operation against the increasing aggression of the Israeli forces. Several cities including Tel Aviv were attacked together. Movement was restricted. Hamas also took control of the base of the Israeli forces near the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian forces have entered the Erez crossing. The Erez crossing is now under the control of the Palestinians. For 28 years, the Israeli forces occupied the areas near the Gaza Strip. Burned the offering.

The Israeli authorities have also confirmed that Hamas has attacked Israel by land, air and sea, while Hezbollah has issued a statement saying that they are in direct contact with the Palestinian leaders.

The commander of Hamas has announced that from today he has launched an operation called Storm Al-Qussa. More than 5,000 rockets were fired at enemy airports and military installations, and an oil storage in Tel Aviv was destroyed. .

Hamas has also claimed that it has gained control of nearby areas of Gaza and that Hamas is advancing in several areas of Israel and will soon take back their territories. Entered Israel.

On the other hand, Israeli warplanes started bombing Gaza. After the Hamas attack, Israel ordered the forces to be on alert and threatened Hamas with serious consequences. 250 Palestinians have been martyred this year in the aggression of the Zionist forces since last week, the Israeli forces carried out violent actions in West Jordan.

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