Ex Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid will revolutionize this country on Imran Khan’s call.

Addressing a press conference in Peshawar, the Awami Muslim League chief said that it was an imperialist government. They did not attend each other’s funerals. He said that the person who is about to be charged should become the Prime Minister.

Sheikh Rashid said that he demanded that the date of elections be given before May. He said that early elections should be held in this country. Awami Muslim League will participate in Imran Khan’s long march. Nawaz Sharif also got passport Imran Khan has reminded the whole of Pakistan of Maqsood Chapdasi.

We are fully prepared for Imran Khan’s call. It is just a government of two votes and conspiracy. We have also made mistakes. This country is about to be swept away. More than half of the ministers of the present government are guilty.

He said that democracy will end in the country. Everyone will come together on Imran Khan’s call. Election date should be given before May 31. We tell him that this is a sectarian government. The nation has stamped that it will not recognize Nawaz Sharif. This government has been brought in by a global conspiracy.

Sheikh Rashid further said that these people will not say anything to the media cash group, they will kill whoever is standing in front of them, they will harass them.

The people have stood up. It will be known that there is a country whose prime minister is asking for a date for the crime. Corruption is in their blood. No matter what kind of system comes, it will not happen.