Fruits of Gwadar C-Pack.

Gwadar is a city in the province of Balochistan, located in the southwest of Pakistan and on the world’s largest maritime trade route. The Gwadar, a city with a 60 km long coastline, is in full swing. The importance of the modern port, which is equipped with the necessities of the 21st century, is approaching. It is increasing day by day.

After the completion of Gwadar, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Central Asia’s maritime trade is now largely dependent on this port.

1- When the present government established the C-Pac Authority, the development works were accelerated towards completion. Motorways, roads adjoining Gwadar and other works were completed.

  1. Technical Education and Vocational Training Institute will be set up in December so that local people can be trained in practical work. When the work starts, these skilled people will be able to get jobs.

3- At present 430 local and Chinese companies are producing products with an investment of Rs. 66 billion with annual exports up to Rs. 110 billion.

4-41 more companies are starting work with an investment of Rs 50 billion.

5- Pakistan Planning Ministry and China Communication Construction Company have published a 75 page report on Smart Gwadar City.

  1. In the next twelve years, the population of Gwadar will increase to 3 million with an annual income of ٪ 15,000 for 80 people, which is 10 times more than the average income of other people in the country.

2- High-tech technology, beautiful roads, shopping malls, international conference centers, cinemas and other facilities will be available in the city.

3- Cruise ships will be launched for the Middle East which will provide not only travel and entertainment but also affordable travel facilities.

May Allah Almighty provide such facilities to all Pakistanis. Amen

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