British General Stanley Maude and a shepherd.


It was 1917 in the mountains of Iraq, British General Stanley Mawde met a shepherd. Have to do.

A dog is very important to a shepherd
It herds his goats, brings back the strayed flock, protects the flock from wild beasts, but a pound is worth more than half the flock. And slaughtered at the feet of the general.

General Mawde said to the shepherd if you also take off his skin, I am ready to give you another pound. The shepherd gladly took off the skin of the dog. The shepherd immediately accepted this offer.

The general gave three pounds to the shepherd and walked away. General Mawde had gone a few steps ahead when he heard the shepherd’s voice from behind. The general shook his head in denial that I wanted to see your psychology and timings.

You killed your guard and friend for just three pounds, skinned him and cut him to pieces and were ready to eat him for a fourth pound, and that’s what I want here.

Then General Mawde addressed his colleagues that these are the thoughts of the people of this nation, you do not need to be afraid of them.

Today, this is the situation of dishonest journalists, politicians and paid traitors of this country
They trade their most valuable and important thing for their small expediency and need.

And this is the weapon that every colonialist, every occupier, every vicious enemy
It has been used against us by means of which he has ruled.
And through that he has returned the countries
Today, there are many evil shepherds among us who are not only ready to eat dog meat but are eating the flesh of their fellow countrymen and selling their homeland for a few ticks.🇵🇰

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